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Friday, September 17, 2004

Eminem Nude with Sock on C*ck in new Encore Video

Eminem Nude with Sock on C*ck in new Encore Video

Eminem has a new album called "Encore" coming out Nove. 16, so of course he has to create a controversy to get attention. What better way to get attention than to act like a Man-Whore. According to a story on MSNBC, "Eminem bares all for new video," the Real Slim Shady covers his Slim Jim with a sock. UK tabloids have revealing pics of Marshal Mathers C*ck in a Sock stunt. (I have not been able to locate the pictures yet, please send them to me if you have them.)

Usually I would not give a Liberal Crap about a story like this, but after I railed recently on Britney and Christiana’s Whore Image, it is only proper that I be Fair and Balanced (Like Fox News,) and point out that men have been just as whorish as women have. So now, you can stop with the "You're a SEXIST, Male Chauvinist PIG" emails. I do not hate women you man-hating Femi-Nazi Bitch Whores. I dislike WHORES, men and women alike. I do not find any positive outcome of being a WHORE.

Anyone that can state a positive thing that being a whore contributes to society let me know! How does being a WHORE help society?

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