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Sunday, September 12, 2004

How to build a NUKE!

So one of your friends has a nuclear weapon and you want one too, or you are a spoiled crazy dictator with everything money can buy but you don't have a nuke yet, or you want to threaten another nation so that you can put a little green in your pocket, what do you do if you can not get your hands on any WMDs through the black market? Well you can always build a NUKE yourself! The BBC has your step-by-step guide to allow you to TERRORIZE the world!

From atom to bomb What does it take to make a nuclear weapon?

How to make "yellow cake"

Now that you have your, "Yellow Cake Mix" now all you need is, milk, eggs, and frosting and you will have one hell of a party treat, yum! What you can't get your hands on any yellow cake mix from Niger? Then why not make it your self with your own handy Heavy Water Nuclear Reactor! Make sure you tell your friends that the only reason you have a Nuclear Reactor in your backyard is that you are only using it for power not WMDs.

1. Reactor core 2. Coolant pump 3. Fuel rods 4. Steam generator 5. Steam pumped to turbine, which generates electricity 6. Containment building

Now that you have your very own Nuclear Power Plant, the real fun begins! It's time for party games like Truth or Dare; Hide and Seek; and Pin the Tail on the JackASS! Wasn't that fun? When your friends ask if you are building a NUKE tell them the TRUTH, No! When your friends say they have proof DARE them to prove you have WMDs. If they provide you with the proof well then play some Hide and Seek and hope they don't find them. If you can trick your friends long enough to actually build a NUKE, then you will be the winner and you can Pin the Tail on your JackASS friend.

Next, you will need to turn those pesky little fuel rods into sweet sweet weapons grade material. Time to get a few thousand Gas centrifuges.

Nothing says NUKE PARTY like a Gas centrifuge!

Why buy one Gas centrifuge when you can buy 3000? Having a hard time finding a couple of Gas centrifuges? Why not call up these friends (China, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Pakistan, Russia, North Korea, and Iran) and see if they have one lying around they could sell you! Now comes the real fun; lets build a bomb!

Uranium Bomb?
Plutonium Bomb?

Uranium Bombs are fun, but Plutonium is bigger and better. Now that you have a NUKE there is only one thing left to do, TEST THAT BAD BOY!

There is no better way to end a party than with fireworks and now that you have the biggest fireworks of all, why not show the world? Let's just hope that no one comes to crash the party.


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