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Sunday, September 12, 2004

North Korea May Have Tested Nuclear Weapons

In 1994 Yun Ho Jin (North Korea’s representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency) lied to reporters, "Our country has neither the intention nor the capability to manufacture a nuclear weapon." In August 2003, the CIA, released a new estimate that said, "We assess that North Korea has produced one or two simple fission-type nuclear weapons and has validated the designs without conducting yield-producing nuclear tests." Now there are news reports of an explosion in the Northern Ryanggang Province, in North Korea on Thursday. Could this have been a Nuclear Test Explosion? The cover-up has begun; US Secretary of State Colin Powell said North Korea did not conduct a nuclear test, "to the best of our knowledge and belief."
Speaking on the NBC television program "Meet the Press," Powell said: "They haven't conducted a test to the best of our knowledge and belief, and the activity reported today is not conclusive that they're getting ready to do one or not." (more...)

The massive explosion in North Korea sent a 2.5-mile wide mushroom cloud into the air. The nuke (I mean) 2.5 mile wide mushroom like blast was reportedly seen from US spy satellites. Many stories are spinning away from the likelihood that this was a nuclear explosion, like this story, this story, and this story.... This is called a test balloon.

If the public and bloggers latch onto this story then the US and the news media will run with the story. They will claim something like, a fireworks factory exploded, a natural gas pipe exploded, or it was just a big party popper. It could have very well been an accident, but I do not believe we will we get the real story from the news media. It will be bloggers that put enough of the pieces together to paint a clear picture. CBS news and Dan[key] Rather faked the memogate documents, how in the hell are we supposed to take their news seriously, when they were caught in a lie and will not admit it. I could be wrong (and will admit when I am), but I believe it was a nuclear explosion. If we [bloggers] can prove that it was a nuclear explosion, Bush should test a few nukes in North Korea. Korea knows how to build a nuke.

Update (9/12 5:06PM): It seems the US is withholding blast data from South Korea. The US is claiming that it was not a nuclear weapon, they think. They are preaty sure. They hope. The North Koreans must have made a MOAB, yeah that's a good story, lets go with that. It was a North Korean MOAB. We will call it the BINN (Bomb Is Not Nuclear!)

Blogging about N. Korean Explosion:

if you are blogging about this story or know of a blog that is covering this story send me a comment and I will had a link.

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