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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Glenn Reynolds of is the AntiChrist

***Welcome readers of the Dark Lord (Glenn Reynolds) It seems Glenn has discovered my website. I fear for my life!***

I woke up at 6:06:06am. What a frightening nightmare. Glenn Reynolds from Instapundit is the Antichrist and I can prove it.

Here is the proof.

If you take the letters of the alphabet and assign them numbers 1-26 (a=1 continuing through z=26.) Now take the letters in Instapundit and assign them their corresponding numbers. This is what you get.


Now add all the numbers together.


Now take 147 and add 11 (the number of letters in Instapundit)


That gives you 158.

Now let’s do the same thing with Glenn Reynolds.



Now take 164 and add 13 (the number of letters in Glenn Reynolds)


Since there are two words in Glenn Reynolds we have to minus 2 from the total.


Next add the total for Instapundit (158) and the total for Glenn Reynolds (175).


Oh my God that is half the beast. Since we have repeated this formula 2 times, we have to multiply the total by 2.


This proves that Glenn Reynolds of is the Antichrist. Hide your children and lock up your puppies. We must defeat The Dark Lord Glenn Reynolds before he destroys us all. If you need anymore proof that Glenn Reynolds is the son of Satan, check out his picture.

Hi, I'm Glenn Reynolds the AntiChrist!

You can almost see the horns he is covering with that comb over.

Do you have anymore proof that Glenn Reynolds of is the Antichrist? Is Michelle Malkin Glenn’s temptress Queen?

Update: Dr. Rusty Shackleford from The Jawa Report emailed and said, "How art thou fallen, oh Glenn, thou son of the morning?" Indeed!

Pamela from Atlas Shrugs links to me and says, What me worry? Nah But this is funny. Heh.

John over at Stop The ACLU says, "Wild Bill comes to the conclusion that Glenn Reynolds is the anti-Christ!!!!" here

Update #2: Spacemoney at IMAO has more photographic proof that Glenn Reynolds is in fact the AntiChrist! See for yourself (If you dare!)

Update #3: I sent a thank you note to Glenn Reynolds for the link.

Glenn replied,
"Use all your well-learned politesse, or I'll lay your soul to waste."

Or mess up your hair, whatever.
I like my soul the way it is Glenn, and as for hair (what's left of it) it's already messed up. Or is it I like my hair the way it is and it's my soul that is messed up? Now I'm confused.

Update #4: Glenn Reynold's sitemeter SPIKE of DOOM! (picture)

Shamless Self Promotion: My internet radio talk show, The Passionate America Show starts on July 8th on Wide Awakes Radio (W.A.R.) Find out more about The Passionate America Show here.

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