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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Could there be a Second Civil War?

I was up late the other night (the life of a Blogger.) So I turned on the radio to my favorite Talk Station. It was after midnight so Coast to CoastAM with George Noory was on. He had a guest on that was talking about a guy named John Titor. It seems that John Titor was a time traveler that had come from the year 2036. Titor had made many predictions about the future of the World. Now I did not believe John Titor was a real time traveler, in fact, I found several websites that say he was a fraud, but it was an interesting story and I was bored so I listened to the story. Titor predicted A Second Civil War in America and even gave a time when he thought it would begin. When you might ask? Around the time of the upcoming presidential elections.

What a load of crap I thought, but in the last few days, I have come across a lot of news about the possibility of a Second Civil War. Dennis Prager in a column on thinks the Second Civil War has already begun (it just has not turned violent YET.) In an article on entitled "Passions on High" writer Michael Novak writes:

Democrats are confident about a victory this year. Maybe they are right. Still, if, as I anticipate, President Bush wins solidly in 2004, many people will be profoundly unhappy. As one wrote, "First we will vote, then if we lose, we will fight." If such passions win out, it could be ugly.

The rabbit hole goes deeper. Maybe this John Titor did know something about the future of America. In Dennis Prager’s second article “The Second America civil war: What it’s about: Part II” Prager writes:

The fact is that this country is profoundly divided on virtually every major social, personal and political issue. We are in the midst of the Second American Civil War. Who wins it will determine the nature of this country as much as the winner of the first did.

What do you think? Do you think that America is on it way to another Civil War?To find out more about the predictions of John Titor click here.

Update (8/10 5:40PM): Looks like some on the left have actual plans for a NEW CIVIL WAR. Sheriff Mike Cook think we are in for a Blood Bath

Links to more evidence of an upcoming Civil War:

John Little at Blogs of War has a story where Louis Farrakhan says, America will fight the War of Armageddon.
Right Wing News has an example of Democratic Hatred
A Small Victory says, These people are out of their minds
Blogs for Bush thinks The Kerry's are Paranoid and Delusional
IMAO has an editorial titled We Need More Violence in Political Debate
at DGCI it seems the Dems will do any thing to win the election, maybe even start a WAR
The Spoons Experience seems to be getting a lot of hate mail, could this be an indication of more to come?
Barking Moonbat has some guidlines on How To Spot A Democrat, must read if the war starts
Michelle Malkin reports on the Blac Block in The Big Apple could they be trying to start soming big?
The Queen of All Evil has found the Republican Attack Machine

Update (8/10 8:21): Just received and email from Robert. At History's End there is this link to a disscussion on this topic. Robert's site Crushing dissent has a post relating to The Second Civil War. He also added a link to this story here.

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