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Sunday, August 08, 2004


Welcome Passionate Fans to the all-new weekly list of the dumbest of the dumb, the Liberalist of the Liberals, the jackassest of the jackasses, those unoutstanding individuals/groups who fit the definition of CATSBRAIN.

cats-brain Pronunciation Key (kats-braan)

n. (slang)

1. Having the appearance and/or the characteristics of the external bag or pouch which contains the testes.

2. Resembling the appearance of the brain of a feline (Felis catus or F. domesticus): lesser than or equal to the intellectual ability and IQ of a feline (Pussis catus).

3. Slang words that have the same meaning as catsbrain: balls; nuts; nut sack; berries; testicles; scrotum; family jewels; nads;.

Still need more of an explanation of what I am talking about? Imagine if you will, I have a hammer and a cat. Now I am not advocating violence towards cats (even thou my Dad said, “The only good cat is a dead cat!”), but imagine me bashing a large hole in the top of a cat’s head. Now, besides the fur and blood, you can see the brain of the cat. Turn the cat upside down taking care not to allow the brain to fall out of the head of the cat. Look very closely, what does the brain of the now lifeless cat resemble? Sorta looks like a nut sack doesn’t it?

Now that I have pissed off or scared away anyone from PETA, (who cares) lets see the nominees for CATSBRAINS of the Week.

CATSBRAIN #1 John Fn Kerry—This nut sack has the consistency of a used litter box, but this litter box stinks of a lifetime of shit. This pussy wears a collar adorned with his tiny family jewels that was given to him by his CATsup Queen Teressa. If this pussy becomes the Head-Nut-Sack-In-Charge, do not expect him to chase any rats. Before you know it, Washington D.C. will be a stinking cat crapper covered in DemocRATS. This pampered feline’s balls will become permanently attached to the desk in the Oval Office. His liberal idea will only turn him into a fatter cat than he already is. This is one hairball you do not want stuck in your throat come November. The only way to send this alley cat back to the trashcan where he was born is to vote in the big dog Dubbya. Let us make sure we help Dubbya kick Kerry in the CATSBRAIN in November.

CATSBRAIN #2 Benjamin Vanderford—If you don’t know this nadless ball-lint’s story read this! What was this scrotum thinking? This cat had better hide in the house because there is a pack of wolves looking to take a bite out of this CATSBRAIN’s ass. I don’t think I have ever wanted to kick a moonbat in the CATSBRAIN this hard in my life. This guy’s CATSBRAIN is hanging so far to the left it peeking out of the leg of his shorts. The whole world got a whiff of the ball sweat wafting from Ben’s ball bra last week when he pretended to cut off his own head. It turned out to be a joke, just like this wrinkle sack’s entire life. This is why I have selected Benjamin Vanderford as CATSBRAIN #2 of the week.

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