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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

DNC (Damn Near Communism)

Have you been watching the Democrat National Convention? Judging by the ratings, you have not, and who could blame you.

The Re-Invention Convention (as Sean Hanity likes to call it) is a litany of LIES. It is a non-stop Bush Bash! These people really think the average American is stupid. They think the war in Iraq is a failure and if they were in charge it would be going so much better. The problem with this is that the war in Iraq is going better than expected. The problems that the US is having in Iraq are because of insurgence from other middle-eastern countries that want democracy to fail in Iraq, cowardly countries like Spain and the Philippines, anti-American propagandists in the media, and Democrat spin-misters that can only gain power in America if they lie about Bush and if the War on Terror goes badly.

Michelle Malkin says there are Five reasons to fear the Democratic Party. More like 1000 reasons Michelle, but I still love ya.

USA TODAY (Liberal TODAY) won't publish this article by Ann Coulter, maybe it hurts their feelings? Way to go Ann!

Michael Moore's punk-ass finally found his sack last night and went on The O'reilly Factor to spew his bullshit to more Americans. A full transcript of the fat bastard’s lies can be found here.

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