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Friday, August 20, 2004

Diet Report Cards

My brother over at Personal Rantings of a Jackass wrote this story for me, but I thought it needed to be posted for everyone.

Diet report cards

My family and I just moved back to Oklahoma after being in Arkansas for the past four years. In Arkansas the public school system had begun ‘diet report cards.’ They weigh and measure students every year and compare to the previous year’s numbers and report on obesity trends. This in itself could lead to the state taking your children away because you have become a ‘bad influence’ on your child’s health. The big giant hypocrisy is that the state is the one feeding the junk food to my kids! All the ‘fruit’ that the state puts on the kids lunch tray is in heavy syrup, chocolate milk, and don’t forget all the carbs they pour on to our children’s plates. My son is a diabetic (he is carb-intolerant) and he controls this disease by his diet, one year the school nurse called DHS and filed an abuse claim against my wife and I because we are feeding him school food. Think about that one for a while. This double standard is not needed in Oklahoma I promise you.

Socialism is gaining more influence over how you parent your child/children each day. What can we do to stop government intrusion into our parental responsibilities?

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