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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Janeane Garofalo is a Racist!

Rasict Janeane Garofalo

In an article on black conservative author Larry Elder writes,

When Garofalo agreed to a sit-down, she clearly knew nothing about me. When I defended the administration on the War on Terror, a frustrated Garofalo started to get up and leave, muttering, "This show sucks."
After I called her a coward, however, she sat back down and finished the segment.

After our interview, Garofalo began broadcasting her radio show on "Air America." Several of my callers -- I was still on the air at the time -- said that Garofalo called me a "house Negro" and a "fascist."

Wow, Janeane Garofalo is a white person calling Larry Elders (a black person) a “house Negro.” By the liberal standard, this would make Garofalo a racist, a bigot, and white supremacist. Oh but I forgot, the Liberal racist litmus test clearly states

· Any white person referring to a person of color with any form of the dreaded “N” word will immediately be classified henceforth as a “Racist, Bigot, and or White Supremacist”

· The above rule does not apply if the white person in reference is a registered “Democrat”, a professed “Liberal”, a person of “Color”, and or a “Marxist.”

· Only Republicans, Conservatives, or pretty much anyone a Liberal chooses can be classified as a Racist.

Therefore, since Garofalo is a Liberal, then it is impossible for her to be a Racist.

<>Do I really think she is a Racist? Of course not, I’m just pointing out the double standard applied by the Left.

Update (8/6 1:04 PM): Larry Elder is on talking about Garofalo. Cam said, "one of the most bigioted things you can say is to call someone a "House Negro". Hmmmmm even Cam might agree with me that Garofalo is a racist. J/K

Update (8/6 1:41 PM): Cam Edwards at just read a talkback I sent him. I asked, "Is Garofalo a racist? If a conservative would have called someone a 'House Negro' they would be called a racist." Cam said, “I believe anyone who refers to someone as a "House Negro" should be considered a racist." Looks like Cam Edwards and I agree.

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