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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Update: Suspect being held in Church Couple Killings

Could this be the Murder?

Two days ago I reported on the story about Jason Allen and Lindsay Cutshall, a couple murdered while they were sleeping on a beach in California. I asked the question, "Have The First Shots Been Fired In The Second Civil War?"

Here is an interesting quote by Karen Scarseth the mother of the possible murderer Nicholas Scarseth:

"He'll go down to the bars where he knows where the jocks hang out and he sticks out like a sore thumb, so he knows he can irritate them," she said. "He brings up religion and politics to irritate people. He likes to stir people up."

I will bet money the politics Nicholas Scarseth brings up to irritate people is not Pro-Bush or Pro-Conservative politics. To all of my conservative blogger friends that do not think lefties will use guns if there is a Second Civil War, I think we might be seeing one of the first exceptions to that rule. Once again, I must say loudly, "I DO NOT WANT A SECOND CIVIL WAR!" I am concerned that hatred for Bush and Conservative's is at an all time high and I think that it will take a few small incidents to turn the lefts hatred into wide spread violence. If you do not agree with me, fine. I am just stating what I believe is evidence of the growing divide between the right and the left.

Here are the latest news stories about this murder:

Today the police have a suspect, "Police name person of interest in counselors' murder".
Another report says, "Police seek Wisconsin man for questioning in camp deaths"

Here is a blogger that was friends with the murdered couple. There is a lot of personal info about Jason Allen and Lindsay Cutshall at this blog.

This is a terrible tragedy, I hope the families of Jason Allen, and Lindsay Cutshall can find peace.

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