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Monday, September 27, 2004

Oklahoma Gazette Editor Rob Collins contacts Wild Bill

I received an interesting phone call today. Rob Collins the editor of the Oklahoma Gazette called me in reference to my post, The Next mini Rathergate? Duffegate? Mr. Collins wanted my god given name and said they might want to use my email in an upcoming issue of the Oklahoma Gazette.

If I thought the Gazette would actually publish my email, I would give him my full name in a heartbeat. The problem I have is that I have this strange feeling that what they really wanted was my name so they could research a hit piece on me. Mr. Collins said that I might be interested in an upcoming story in the Oklahoma Gazette about bloggers. I probably would be interested in a story about bloggers, but do I believe the story will be fair? I do not want to judge a book by its cover, but I regularly read the Gazette and feel confident that the only bloggers that will be portrayed in a positive way will be anti-Bush bloggers.

I do not believe the Gazette to be a fair and balanced publication. Liberal points of view dominate almost every page of the Gazette. On the rare instance, that an almost conservative point of view is presented it is usually the most incoherent person they can find.

Have you ever watched coverage of the aftermath of a tornado in Oklahoma? The news reporters find the nearest destroyed trailer park. They search through the wreckage of the trailer park in an attempt to find a resident that can offer a first hand account of the terrible twister. Whom do they find? Why they find the most illiterate, toothless excuse for an Oklahoman they can find. This is the same method, I believe the Oklahoma Gazette uses in its search for conservative viewpoints.

I do not live in a trailer park and I still have all of my teeth, so I am perplexed as to why Mr. Collins would contact me in an attempt to get my full name. Sounds more like, "lets find some dirt on this evil conservative" than an actual interest in publishing an alternative view point. Of course, I could be wrong, but I feel like the hammer is driving the nail into the coffin squarely here. Should I trust Editor Rob Collins to publish my letter to the editor, or does this feel more like a setup?

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