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Friday, October 22, 2004

Second Civil War Update: Liberals Attack With Pies!

Ann Coulter Assaulted By Liberals Pie Throwers!

Two Liberal idiots decide to declare war on Conservative author Ann Coulter, their weapon of choice, cream pies! The unilateral, preemptive attack took place without a United Nations resolution, a multi-national coalition, or French approval. Could this act of pastry terrorism signal an imminent treat building within the ranks of the evil leftist regime? Will Americans allow this threat to gather and escalate to include water balloons bombings, rotten fruit fallout, and biological attacks in the form of (possible salmonella infected) rotten eggs?

For many years conservative have used truth and common sense in a futile effort to defend America from the relentless onslaught of fiction and lies hurled by liberals. This sort of defense has only seemed to anger liberal idiots. This latest attack proves that liberals are preparing to widen their attacks, possible to include shotgun attacks.

Further evidence of liberals adopting a new policy of preemptive strikes; John Kerry has decided to declare victory in the presidential election even if he loses. Where is the liberal outrage toward Kerry when he declares himself the victor before the fight is over? Liberals do not even believe their own rhetoric. Remember how upset liberals got when Bush stood under the banner "Mission Accomplished" and declared major combat operation over in Iraq? Liberals only get outraged when it involves a conservative telling the truth. As long as liberal's traitorous leaders are serving the Kool-aid, liberal zombies will consume it, as if it were the lives of unborn children.

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