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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Passionate Election Night Party Guide!

Well it is election night! Buckle your seat belt, turn on your favorite talk radio station or Fox News, and prepare for the election ride of your life. It's time to party political style.

What you will need to complete your election night extravaganza!
  1. Vote! Do not sit on the fence; it might poke you in the butt. Pick a candidate and vote!
  2. Get informed! Edison Media Research gives instructions on What to Watch for on Election Night
  3. Come as your favorite candidate! Via The Command Post. Put on your favorite candidate mask! Printable George W. Bush mask (optional hat). Printable John Kerry mask (optional hat). (Masks courtesty of
  4. Enjoy some FUNNY political humor! Go to and click on Good To Be In DC and This Land. Play the Kerry Flip Flop Olympics. Watch the al-Qaeda Recruiting Video. Check out the Super Chicken. Play The Political Circus.
  5. Mix up some drinks! For Republicans, why not try a Hot Creamy Bush, Pink Elephants On Parade, or Texas Cool-Aid. For Democrats, try a Liberal Daiquiri, Pinko, Ass, Donkey Punch, or a Kerry Cappuccino.
  6. Play a drinking game, must be 21! From To Be Determined, Get Out The Vote, then Get Your Ass Drunk (he is a liberal, but what the hell sounds like a fun drinking game.)
  7. Get it on! If you are a Republican, take your (husband or wife) into the bedroom and work on bringing another Republican voter into the world. If you are a Democrat, have sex with anyone you want and if they get pregnant, you can always have it sucked into a sink.

Other bloggers with party plans: LLama Butchers,

Got an idea or a suggestion that would make your election night party even better? Let me know!

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