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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Can Blogging About Your Unemployment Become A Job?

It never fails, whether it is family, friends, or people that I meet, at some point in the conversation they ask, “What do you do for a living?” After a short pause, I muster up an almost real smile (more often than not a smirk and a shrug of the shoulders) and answer, “I’m a stay-at-home dad.” After a longer pause (and the sound of crickets) they usually ask, “Do you have a job?”

It seems stay-at-home dad is not looked at in the same light as “stay-at-home Mom.” Honestly the look on most people’s face when I tell them I’m a stay-at-home dad falls somewhere in the range between shock and disgust. Some people seem downright offended that I have the audacity to take care of my own child and at the same time have a penis.

Some people won’t allow the reality that I’m a stay-at-home father become part of their fantasy. These people often ask, “No seriously, what do you do for a living?” One thing you will learn about me is that I do not like to waste my time convincing someone that does not want to believe the truth what the truth is. For this kind of person, I like to answer them with, “I almost had you going there, really I’m a Blogger.” They look excited for a moment then the confusion sets in, “A Blogger what’s a Blogger?” My short answer is, “I have a website where I post things I write and things I find interesting.” Once again they seem relieved and once again confusion takes hold, “Do you make money Blogging?” I answer, “Not yet, but you never know tomorrow I could get a book deal, job offer, and/or get an Instalanche and then all the work and long hours I put into my website will pay off.”

The next question, more like a statement to label me as a loser is, “So you are unemployed?” I guess if you define unemployed as not having a job that I have to go to at a certain time five days a week and that I don’t receive a paycheck every two weeks, then I am unemployed. If you do not consider stay-at-home dad or unpaid website owner (aka Blog) as valid career choices, then I am unemployed.

I believe unemployed is more a self-imposed state of mind than an accurate label of the condition of an individual. I believe I have turned what other people call unemployment into a job. I blog about my unemployment, and anyone that is a serious Blogger knows that blogging can be a full time job. Therefore, I can say that besides stay-at-home dad, Blogging is my full time job.

So far, my job is not paying very well, but I’m optimistic. Someone that reads this site will find worth and value in what I consider my job. They will recommend me to someone they know that will find something I’ve posted entertaining, informative, outrageous, annoying, humorous, and/or passionate (I love that word). Maybe somewhere in this big world there is a person that can use my talents to make money. God knows I would love to use my talents to make money for someone that has a use for me (and I believe I can make a lot of money).

Can Blogging about your unemployment become a job? If you can offer any help to me in answering this question email me. I’d love to be one of the people responsible for turning blogging into a respected career choice. I have this strange feeling that blogging will become a respected career profession long before stay-at-home dad.


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