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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Iraq / Saddam had WMDs.

Iraq / Saddam had WMDs.

Tired to watch the Secret Saddam Tapes report on ABCs World News Tonight and the local Oklahoma City ABC station preempted the first part of the report. I guess it’s more important to find out the exact moment that Anthony Sanchez is found guilty of murder than to find out that THERE WERE WMDs IN IRAQ. There is video at the ABCNews website (the video didn’t work for me but you can hear the audio.) Below is the spin that Diane Sawery and Brain Ross put on the tapes to give the looney left a way out.

Diane Sawery: For the experts that studied him [Saddam] so much, any surprises about Saddam the man?

Brian Ross: Absolutely, fascinating for them. In many cases he’s [Saddam] the calm one in this session. And in fact there are hours and hours of more of these tapes that have not yet been translated or analyzed and congressman Huckstra says they should be and soon.

Diane Sawery: You get a since his [Saddam’s] aids are trying to please him!?! [presented as a question and a statement at the same time]

Brian Ross: Absolutely!

Well you can see exactly where the moonbats are going to go with this report. It will sound something like this:

  • We still haven’t found any WMDs
  • Saddam’s aids were just telling him what he wanted to hear (pleasing him)
  • Saddam was the calm one on the tapes, it was the people around him that were lying to him about WMDs.

For the rest of us sane people, we know what this means. Saddam had WMDs.



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