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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Carnival of Comedy Idol

Carnival of Comedy Idol

Welcome to the show! I’m Wild Bill and I’ll be your host today for the 56th edition of the Carnival of Comedy. I want to thank our producers IMAO and spacemonkey for letting someone with as little talent as me host the Carnival this week. We have a total of 22 contestants that submitted posts, so I thought why not judge them American Idol style.

Taylor Hicks soul patrolPlay that funky music white boy!

Now everyone that submitted posts is a winner in my book, but who are the real winners?

Here is what our judges had to say:

The pleasantly plump, Randy Jackson: "America we got a hot one here tonight! Woof woof!"

The usually drunk, Paula Abdrool: "I wanna take you back to my house and, well you know!"

You're a PUNK Simon Cowell: "That was absolutely brilliant!"

Katharine McPhee 1st loserSecond place is the first LOSER!

Here is what our judges had to say:

Randy Jackson: "Dawg, I mean DAWG, you know what I'm sayin? Woof woof!"

Paula Abdrool: "You all look beautiful!"

Simon Cowell: "Ehhh, Ok. Thank God there's always next week."

Elliot Yamin do your ears hang low?Good news, everybody knows who you are; Bad news, everybody knows you lost!

Here is what our judges had to say:

Randy Jackson: "Dawg, Dawg, If I'm keepin it real I mean DAWG, it started good at the beginning but I don't know it kinda just didn't you know what I'm sayin? Woof woof!"

Paula Abdrool: "I just wanna hug you, I love your shoes!"

Simon Cowell: "Pack your bags."

Chris Daughtry Im gonna cut somebody!Oh no you didn't say I'm going home!

Here is what our judges had to say:

Randy Jackson: "Wow I didn't see that coming, Dawg, there were some pitchy parts but over all I mean DAWG, you know what I'm sayin? What's up Dawg Pound?"

Paula Abdrool: "Waaaaa, I didn't even get a chance to, you know! SHUT UP SIMON"

Simon Cowell: "If I'm being honest, you have to do a lot better than that. Goodbye!"

Chicken LittleYou have no real talent, we only feel sorry for you, and you're goofy looking!

Here is what our judges had to say:

Randy Jackson: "Dawg, ok ok check it out, dawg it was pitchy, hmmmmmm I don't know, you can do alot better, I didn't like the song, you know what I'm sayin?"

Paula Abdrool: "I agree with Randy, it was great, I just want to pinch your little checks and..."

Simon Cowell: "Paula are you drunk? I've heard farts with a better sound than that!"

William Hung she bang!She bang, she bang, O-baby she move, she move!!!

Here is what our judges had to say:

Randy Jackson: "Dawg?"

Paula Abdrool: "Maybe you could try again next year."

Simon Cowell: "That was possibly the worst thing I've seen in my entire life. I would punch you in your dumb monkey face if I was not behind this table!"

I hope you enjoyed this week's Carnival of Comedy, if you didn't don't blame me I just read from a teleprompter. Next week The MoxArgon Group hosts the Carnival. I'm out of here! Tell Frank J. to make a new podcast!
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