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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Smokey's July Fourth Rant

The time is far past for conservatives to stand up and SCREAM that we are not going to take it any more. For YEARS, the far left liberals of this country have shoved abortion, homosexuality, and more down our throats in an attempt to promote "tolerance" when in fact they want to make these things "normal" so that they can not be removed, yet at the same time they are trying to totally eradicate all vestiges of morality and religion from society, starting with Christianity (well, except for pedophile priests, who I'm pretty sure the aclu(natics) want in power so they will have an easier time fighting the Church as a whole). Well, I am officially going on record that I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE! Most of you know that I am currently in school with plans to attend law school after my undergrad work. Well, guess what, once I graduate law school, I plan to counter-sue EACH AND EVERY PERSON who sues because a cross offends them, or a prayer "violates their rights", or because a private, CHURCH RUN school won't let their homosexual kids attend (I'll get to that later in this post, I promise). I have linked to this post MANY TIMES, and I feel I will have to keep doing it for a long time to come, because some people think that when they say you must "tolerate" something, that means you can no longer point out that you don't agree with it, yet that is NOT what it means. Read the post and you'll see where I am coming from. All of this said, I'm going to point out a few things I saw in the news today and see what you all think about them.

Cross posted at SMOKE SIGNALS BLOG: Independence Day News Rant
THERE'S MORE - Keep reading!

First, some good news, sort of. It seems a "pre-teen magazine" has come under fire for actually showing the Army as something other than what the moon-bat left wants to see (murders). Cobblestone Magazine, which is aimed at pre-teens, recently published an issue detailing many different jobs available in the U.S. Army, and has drawn complaints from teachers and parents (mostly, from what I read, in Mass, bit shock there). This is just another example of how it is perfectly OK to call our soldiers murderers or worse on NATIONAL TELEVISION, demand that the President be impeached for deposing TWO murderous governments, but not OK to show that the Army is not just about guns any more, and show that there are MANY opportunities today. I'm sorry folks but this is hypocrisy at it's highest. Therefore, I am asking everyone reading today to consider subscribing to Cornerstone (if you have kids that age), as it sounds like a great way to encourage reading, not to mention teach about history, and it shows support for a publication that (apparently) is about as unbiased as one can be these days.

Next, and yet another piece of evidence as to my high blood pressure these days, is the Mt. Soledad cross issue. Thankfully Justice Kennedy has granted a stay in this case, allowing the cross to stand while the case is continued. You see, for over FIFTY YEARS the cross has stood on Mt. Soledad in La Jolla as a tribute to those who fell in the Korean War, yet ONE MAN, a Vietnam Vet (and athiest) sued to have it removed because HE believes it violates the first ammendment. A lower court agreed and ordered the city to remove it by August 2 or pay $5000 a day (although, I wonder who it would be to) in penalties. Another twist, last year a proposition was "overwhelmingly approved" to transfer the land to the federal government, thereby releasing the city from any responsibility for it, but it was struck down that the lower courts because it was "unconstitutional". I'm sorry folks, but this is getting ABSOLUTELY REDICULOUS! When did ONE person become more important that the MAJORITY? This is precisely why I plan to counter sue all of these IDIOTS who feel their individual thoughts outweigh all of the rest of those who don't agree with them. How you ask, I will list EVERY PERSON IN THAT CITY/COUNTY/STATE who will sign on as my clients, and therefore when THOUSANDS of people sue to do what ONE person doesn't want to, it will be painfully obvious where the support lies, not to mention the media circus it could create, right?

Remember Terri Shiavo? Well, it seems that a nurse who testified that her "husband" was TRYING to kill her is having to fight for her license to remain a nurse. You heard me right, Carla Sauer Iyer is having to go to court to keep her license because she simply stated what was already public record on CNN. What did she say that was so horrible?
She said that she found needle marks on Terri's body and her blood sugar was so low it wouldn't register on a glucometer - Evidence that her "husband" may have tried to kill her by insulin O/D.

She said that she heard Terri say "pain" and "mommy help me", as well as that there were hours of video tape of her interacting with people that were placed under a gag order - Does this sound like a woman in a "persistent vegitative state" to you, or does it sound more plausible that michael had her killed for the money?
This is the new America people, a country where fighting for someone who the state doesn't want to fight for means you can have your entire life taken away. When someone with more money wants to do something you feel is wrong, they can sue you and have your career ended because you disagree with them. Welcome to America in the new milennium.

Finally, it seems that religious freedom is now becoming as much of a fairy tale as Cinderella. It seems that some parents in California are going to be allowed to sue a Christian High School over the explusion of their daughters. Why were they expelled you ask, it seems that these girls were suspected of being gay, and there were a lot of reasons to expect it apparently too. But, this is the real question, if you can sue a PRIVATE school for expelling your child (no matter what the reason is), are they really private? The point of PRIVATE schools (or any private business for that matter) is that they are NOT run by the Government, and therefore there is one simple thing they can say that a public school can't
"We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, with or without explanation"
I spoke about what I saw wrong with allowing gay marriage, in that once the Government "OK's" it, what is to stop a gay couple from suing a church and FORCING that church to perform a wedding for a couple who is committing a sin in their eyes? I can almost guarantee we will see that happen in Mass or Cal pretty soon, any takers on the bet?

Well folks, I'm sure my blood-pressure is now close to stage 2 hypertension, so I'm going to go stand in the rain holding a lightning rod, I'm sure that will calm me down. Until next time, play nice.

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