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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Fat Bastard Michael Moore to over see Florida Election

Every one that knows me knows that I cannot stand the lying leftist entertainer Michael Moore. Once again, he is poking his chubby little fingers into the election. Michael Boore says he is going to Florida to make sure every vote is counted. He means every dead Democrat vote, every Democrat that doesn't vote, every criminal that is not eligible to vote, every voter that is voting for Kerry and is to damn stupid to use the voting machine correctly, and every person that votes for Nadar (because they really meant to vote for Kerry.)

What he really means is that he wants to send thousands of Leftist lawyers to each polling place in the hope that they can intimidate Bush voters to stay home. He wants to make sure that absentee ballots from American military personal from Florida are not counted.

Hey Michael Snoore, I predict your little Florida stunt will actually cause more people to question why they ever thought of voting for your friends the Democrats. Your lies will bring people out in large numbers to make sure that your socialist ideas will die with you. If Moore, the French, and terrorists would vote for Kerry, then let us send them a message. BUSH/CHENEY 2004!

Michael Moore, The Real Fat Bastard!

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