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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Pope scorns FemiNazis

The pope catching some ZZZZZs

The Pope thinks feminism (FemiNazis) are ruining the moral fiber of the world. He is right. In a recently released statement:

Church representatives have argued that this is symptomatic of a breakdown in values, and particularly a greater selfishness among young couples more interested in consumer goods than creating life. Feminists have long held that it is a result of the reluctance of men to share household tasks and the failure of governments to provide adequate support for families.”

I could not agree more with the Vatican and his holiness. Further, into the article, Eva Figes a FemiNazi bitch author says:

"There is another agenda there: he [the Pope] will think maternity is more important than public life. I don't see why women should not have both - and it should be their choice."

Women have a choice, they can be single mother whores, unmarried career oriented women without children, divorced money grubbing selfish independent whores, married with children cheating whores, or married monogamous homemakers. Married monogamous homemakers are the greatest women on the earth; they are the type of woman every good man is dying to marry.

Men on the other hand have no choice. We [men] are expected to be understanding when the women we love sends our children to daycare (a surrogate mother), run off and get a job, and then bitch that they are to busy for sexual relations with their husbands. The majority of today’s feminized women expect men to throw away their manhood by doing traditional mother type tasks, such as:

  • Play with newborns
  • Cook meals (very few of today’s modern women know how to cook)
  • Do laundry
  • Clean the house
  • Shop
  • Go to parent teachers conferences
  • etc.

Men play with action figures, army men, and shoot-em-up games while growing up. During childhood, men play cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, and shoot each other in the ass with Roman Candles. Women on the other hand play with baby dolls, Barbie dolls, and Cabbage Patch Kids. During childhood women play house, tea party, and fashion show. Men are taught to get a job or start a business, work hard long hours, find a good woman that would make a great mother, and take care of her and treat her like a queen.

Men and women are different! That is not a bad thing like the FemiNazis would like you to think. The salvation of modern day society rests in women's hands. Ladies, you must reclaim your roles as the keeper of the castle, let men go out and slay the Dragons, and take on the role of mother as a badge of honor not the example of slavery that Feminist Lesbians like to portray it as. Men love mothers not so called independent liberated men hating women. The children of the world need mothers at home raising them to be outstanding adults. The most damaging thing to a child is a broken family.

In the August edition of Passionate America, I will explore this issue in greater lenght. To subscribe to Passionate America send me an email.

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