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Friday, August 20, 2004

Chris 'A-Hole' Matthews Lies about Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin was on Hardball with Chris 'A-Hole' Matthews. Why do I call him an A-Hole? Read "AMBUSH JOURNALISM...OR MY EVENING WITH CAVEMAN CHRIS MATTHEWS" at Chris 'Caveman' Matthews you are now on my hit list!

Michelle was on Rush's Show today to talk to him about the incident on Hardball. Michelle said Chris Matthews's crew stole her copy of "UnFit for Command" from her dressing room. Rush played the clips of Michelle on Hardball. I can not belive the way 'A-Hole' Matthews treated Michelle. She was schedualed for two segments, one on her book and one on The Swift Boat story. Chris Matthews is a lair. He accused Michelle Malkin of being a spokesman for the Bush Campiagn. That is a lie. Michelle told Rush she belives the name of Chris's show should be changed to SLIMEBALL.

Chris Matthews is an 'IDIOT'. How in the hell is he going to trash Michelle about The Swift Boat story when he addmittidly has never read the book, "Unfit For Command." Chris has posted on his blog:

From HardBlogger:

August 19, 2004:

On tonight's interview with Michelle Malkin (Chris Matthews)

One of my jobs on 'Hardball' is to cut through to the truth. Tonight on 'Hardball,' one of our guests pushed the idea that John Kerry had won his Purple Heart by deliberately shooting himself. The charge was without merit and baseless, as our guest under close questioning herself admitted.

We'll keep covering the political issues and will stand up against any attempt to broadcast misinformation.

(Click here to read the transcript to Thursday's show.)

Lets show our appretiation to Michelle Malkin buy buying her new book "In Defense of Internment." I am buying another copy of her book today. And as for Chris Matthews, he can kiss my ass.
In Defense of Internment by Michelle Malkin

Support Michelle Malkin, buy her book today!

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