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Friday, August 13, 2004

John Fn Kerry, Fn Lies About Taxes!

Kerry Prays That No One Will Check His Lies!

John Fn Kerry, Lied today about the Bush tax cuts. He said, and I quote, "Over the last four years, the burden of taxes has shifted from the wealthy to the middle class, The middle class is paying more taxes." And Democrats call Bush a liar. How much father from the truth can you get? read the rest of the FoxNews story here.

Update (8/13 5:54PM): USA Today online lies about Tax burden on the middle class. Read the lies here.
More distortions and lies. From, Study: Tax Burden growing heavier for middle class. read the lie here.

The truth is that everyone that pays taxes now pays less under the Bush Tax Cuts. Also, many lower income tax payers paid no taxes under the Bush tax plan I guess the Democrats have not lied to and scared enough Americans yet.

Update ( 8/13 6:04PM): Here is Kerry's statement that was sent from the Kerry campaign to U.S. Newswire. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi is lying in her press release also. Yet another press release lie by Kerry-Edwards 2004. I will keep you up to date. This press release actually says that the botton 20% got an increase in After-tax Income of 1.6% and the middle class got an increase in After-tax Income of 2.3%. The reason the top 1% percent of tax payers received a larger tax decrease is because THEY PAY THE BIGGEST PERCENT OF THE TAXES!

Update (8/13 6:31PM): Here is the CBO report (pdf file) Thanks to Blogs for Bush for the link. Jeff Cornwall has some interesting stuff check it out. Generation Why as the facts here.

Update (8/13 9:25PM): Kerry Haters has a link to this story on their site. Thanks for the coverage.

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