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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Stupid ER Stories

Got this from my brother's Blog Personal Rantings Of A Jackass!

Things you ought to think about before you get to the ER

If you have read any of my articles you know that I am an X-ray Technologist. I have seen things, dumb things, things that people have done, and lived to regret. If you see a warning sticker on the side of your lawn mower that tells you ‘don’t put your fingers under the edge while the mower is engaged or on’, then wouldn’t you think that maybe you shouldn’t do that? You would be surprised at how many people come to the Emergency Department every spring that stuck their finger under the mower and now they can only count to nine. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many construction workers that I have seen with a nail shoot into their knee or hand. And I have seen more ‘objects’ shoved in folks asses than can fill a Volkswagen Beetle. Come on people, you have to know that if you put that whole spray paint can up your butt you are not going to be able to just pull it out. And, adult toys are not meant for asses unless they have a loop that you can tie a rope to the toy and the other end to your ankle. These things require fore thought, listen up peoples this means think about what you do before you do it: think about the consequences of you actions. Oh, and by the way, stop lying about what happened to you, when you get to the ER, we know you didn’t really slip in the shower and ‘fall’ on that shampoo bottle.

Ha Ha Ha!!!

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