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Saturday, September 04, 2004

AP Lies: Claims Boos about Clintons Health!

From The


THEN RETRACTS: [BC-Bush-Clinton, 1st Ld-Writethru,150 Bush offers best wishes for Clinton's recovery Eds: SUBS lead to include reference to surgery. DELETES 3rd graf previous, Bush's audience, because of uncertainty about crowd reaction.]... 'APPLAUSE' NOTED BY LOCAL MEDIA FOR EX-PREZ... AUDIO... DEVELOPING...

Why is the AP doing the work of Liberal Propaganists? I know, because the majority of them are Liberal Propaganists! Here is a story for you:

AP Wants US To Lose, Helps Terrorists!

By Associated Depress, 9/4/2004 09:41

MIDWEST CITY, . (AdeP) Wild Bill on Saturday revealed the Associated Depress helps TERRORISTS by publishing sympathetic propaganda.'

''They substitute words like, freedom fighters, insurgents, and detainees instead of calling these people what they really are, TERRORISTS.'' Wild Bill said at his blog Passionate America.

Wild Bill's audience of thousands at Passionate America, booed the AdeP. Wild Bill did nothing to stop them.

Wild Bill accussed much of the mainstream Liberal media of anti-Americanism, anti-Patroitism, anti-Common Sense. "It is despicable the way the Liberal media will make excuses for the TERRORISTS, at the same time call for investigations into the Bush Administration and broadcast every American soilder's death in the WAR ON TERROR; I believe the Liberal Media considers America the enemy and the TERRORIST just misunderstood, persecuted, peaceful Muslims." Wild Bill said while looking at himself in the mirror.

Wild Bill recently praised himself when his website reached 7600 visitors. He thanked his readers for their support. "There is a big need for passionate, opinionated, pro-American news. As long as I breathe I will fill that need."

Update (9/6 5:23PM): Cam Edwards has a post, "MORE MORAL EQUIVALENCE" that agrees with my veiws. Call them what they are TERRORISTS!

Do you think you will ever see a story like that in the main stream media?

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