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Friday, September 03, 2004

Bush Hits Homerun

Bush Hits Homerun

Last night Bush gave one of the best speeches of his life. There should be no complaints coming from the John Kerry campaign, but of course there are. Kerry held a rally just minutes after the Presidents speech. In the background during John boy's snide dribble you could hear Kerry Kool-aid drinkers running their stupid mouths. One Kerry drone said, "Bush Sucks!" another said, "Fuck Bush!" And Kerry says all we heard was anger and insults from Republicans? I don't remember protestors interrupting Kerry's speech at the DNC. Here is what Ketchup King Kerry had to say:

“For three days in New York, instead of talking about jobs and the economy, we heard anger and insults from the Republicans. And I'll tell you why. It's because they can't talk about the real issues facing Americans. They can't talk about their record because it's a record of failure. I believe it's time to move America in a new direction; I believe it's time to set a new course for America.”

The anger that Kerry spoke about came from Democrat Senator Zell Miller, the insults from Bush haters, not from Republicans. When Kerry speaks of a record of failure is speaking about his 20 years in the Senate. The main problem with Kerry's statement (besides the fact that it is false) is the president spoke exstensivly about real issues facing Americans. Kerry must have ketchup in his ears. Here is a summary of the real issues that Kerry did not want to hear:

Vowing to transform fundamental systems like the tax code, health coverage, worker training ad pension plans, Bush said his plan begins with providing the security and opportunity of a growing economy in a global marketplace. That includes making tax relief permanent, relying less on foreign sources of energy, protecting small businesses from frivolous lawsuits, simplifying the tax code, increasing funding for community colleges, allowing small firms to unite and purchase insurance at discounts, providing low-income Americans with better health care, passing a medical liability reform law, and allowing more comp and flex time.

He also promised to strengthen the Social Security (search) system and boost math and science programs in the nation’s (more)

Sounds like real issues to me. But of course I am not trying to hear what I want to hear (like Democrat Lemmings!) I simple listen to what Bush and Kerry say, then compare that with what they do. The only canidate that is fit to be our commander-in-cheif is George W. Bush.


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