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North. Korea threatened US with Nuclear War, what should we do?

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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Russia pre-emptive striks on TERROR?

Well it looks like anti-Bush Liberals and Michael Moore will have to start hating Russia instead of just Bush and America.

It is a shame that it took the murder of 450 in the Russian school TERRORIST attack to harden Russia's resolve in the WAR ON TERROR. I just hope Russia will accept US help and not decide to go it alone. Russia will not have to go it alone they can always join our ever growing International Coalition against TERRORISM. Russia, do not worry about the Liberal Terrorist sympathizers like Michael Moore and France we are exposing them for the frauds they are a little more each day. Do what is right, not what the Terrorist sympathizers want you to do.

Update (9/8 9:00PM): Drudge Report has more, Russia Threatens to Strike Terror Bases

How do we win the WAR ON TERROR?

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