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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Student Suspended For Piercing


Would you hire an idiot like this?

Wild Bill---"I am sure I am going to catch hell for this!"

Corey Rager--the pierced face loser in the picture above--was suspended from Dutchtown High School because he is an idiot. Corey's mom, Kati Monahan is trying to win the lottery by hiring an attorney to sue the school because she is a worthless mother that will not teach her son to be responsible for the choices he makes. This is what Kati Monahan had to say about her son, "He feels as if he has the individual right, as a citizen, to wear his piercings," when asked what her son did to deserve the suspension, "He didn't do anything. He simply sat in the room and the teacher asked him to leave."

Kati Monahan is lying, he did do something wrong, he broke the rules. If you read further into the story, you will find out "Corey did remove his piercings on the first day of school, but felt as if he needed to take a stand, and returned the next day with his piercings in place, that’s when he was suspended." Felt like he needed to make a stand? More like wanted to give the school a reason to suspend him so his mom could sue the school and maybe win a big settlement.

What in the hell is wrong with Kati Monahan? I will bet she is voting for Kerry this year, if she even cares enough to vote. Corey and Kati moved from Fort Meade, Maryland to the Atlanta area so Corey could go to a better school. Why do you think it is a better school? Probably because they do not allow attention whore students like Corey to disrupt the academic environment by shoving metal through every part of their face. What kind of a mother would allow her son to poke holes in his face and call that freedom of speech? I am guessing, but I bet Kati Monahan is a single mother. One more reason to support two parent families. (read the original news story...)

I found this post on the FreeAdvice Forums, this just about sums up my position on piercings:

If the only jobs you ever expect to get in life include the phrase, “Would you like fries with your order”, then go right ahead and keep your piercing.

However, I would never hire you –and I wouldn’t care how good you were at your job. I have clients to think about, and it’s my clients that pay me!

You see, as long as your adamant, you’ll never get a good paying job, and I’m one less employer that you’d be employed by. So, keep your piercings, and I’ll take cheese on my burger, please.


I totally agree! Do you think I’m wrong? Tell me how I am wrong!

*Update (9/24 11:50AM): Corey (the pierced face freak) is on Fox News right now. He said he has add his ears pierced since HE WAS THREE! They need to arrest the mother.

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