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Thursday, September 09, 2004

TERRORISTS Bomb Australian Embassy in Indonesia

Australian Embassy in Indonesia Bombed. Jakarta Embassy Bomb Attack Kills Nine, Wounds 182

Update (9/9 2:32PM): Video and another story about Jakarta Australian Embassy Bombing.

South Yarra Steve, is one of the regular posters at Passionate America. South Yarra Steve is from Melbourne Australia. Here is a comment I received from South Yarra Steve:

Hi Wild Bill - you are funny - I appreciate the fact that you take life so seriously - but what I do no understand is why you hate so much - NOT ALL PEOPLE ARE BAD! Perhaps if you spent your time trying to promote peace rather than the RA RA SHIT, the world would be a better place - you could get a job as a super model(nice pic)!One day your life will be over and you do not want to look back and remember all the angression - you should remember all the good times; when you did something to help someone else or to have educated someone to love rather than to hate! Let me know if you do not apprectiate my comments and I will not comment again. Come to Australia. You can learn to relax. Have a good day mate Steve

Steve, I am sorry that your country's embassy was bombed and for the pain and loss of life that has occurred. Do you understand now that the TERRORISTS do not care about love or what country you are from? This is not an American WAR ON TERROR; this is a WORLD WAR ON TERROR. I too want a world of peace and love, but until EVERY LAST TERRORIST IS DEAD, we will not live in a world of peace. If the world would come together to help the coalition rid the world of these TERRORIST then maybe I could join you in Australia for some fishing. However, has long as some people pretend that TERRORISM is someone else’s problem we will not be able to relax. I would love to hear what you have to say about this TERRORIST attack Steve.

Updat (9/10 9:07am): Indonesian police were warned of attack

Why does it take a major TERRORIST attack before other countries believe that they should be part of the WORLD WAR ON TERRORISM?

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