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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Russia "almost certainly" tied to Iraq's missing explosives!

Updates at the bottom of this post!
Hey John Kerry, NPR (audio) , Al Franken, and liberal Kool-aid drinkers, you've been caught lying again. Bill Gertz, the author of Treachery has a story in the Washington Times that says, "...the Russian troops, working with Iraqi intelligence, "almost certainly" removed the high-explosive material that went missing from th Al-Qaqaa facility, south of Baghdad."

Pay special attention to the last paragrah of the story:
Defense officials said the Russians can provide information on what happened to the Iraqi weapons and explosives that were transported out of the country. Officials believe the Russians also can explain what happened to Iraq's weapons of mass destruction programs.

Update (10/28 11:10am): Russia denies report.

Update (10/28 9:37pm): An Anonymous jackass liberal, thought he would be a smart ass and comment on this post that there was video of the missing explosives. If you will look at the Update above, I already posted the video, 25 minutes before the non reading liberal idiot made his comment. Here is the aBS news story that he sourced.

Update (10/28 10:44pm): Drudge Report has another article from the New Yuck Times.

Update (10/28 11:23pm): NRO Kerry Spot has new info on this stroy

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