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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

UN loses Explosives in Iraq.

DIGITAL BROWNSHIRTS NEWS reporter Aaron posted this video over at Kerry Haters.

Kerry has been caught once again lying and blaming Bush for a something the UN has screwed up. The explosives that Kerry blames Bush for not protecting in Iraq was missing before the US invaded Iraq. Moreover, who was in charge of securing the explosives? Why the UN! More liberal lies! The Bush Administration did not cover up the missing explosives; Bush ordered an investigation. John Marshall at Talking Points Memo is spreading the conspiracy theory that the Department Of Defense was blocking the IAEA from participating with the investigation of the missing explosives. Like most Liberal conspiracy theories, there is some truth to the misrepresentation. The DOD probably does not want the IAEA to lead the investigation, because the IAEA is a suspect in the explosive's disappearance. Why in the hell should the DOD let the organization that was supposed to be in charge of securing the explosives help with the investigation? The IAEA is one of the suspects of the investigation. That is like asking Scott Peterson to help investigate his wife's disappearance.

400 tons = 800,000 pounds. A fully loaded 18-wheeler’s trailer can hold roughly 34,000 pounds. A heavy-duty passenger truck can haul up to 19,000 pounds combined bed and trailer. This means it would have taken a minimum of 24 fully loaded trucker trailers or 43 heavy duty passenger trucks (with a fully loaded bed and trailer) to move 400 tons of explosives. Do you think looters moved 24 18-wheelers or 43 passenger trucks (with trailers) up with explosives, drove them away, and hid them in one month? On the other hand, is it more likely that Saddam ordered the explosives to be moved?

A confidential document obtained by The New York Times that was sent by Iraq's Ministry of Science & Technology to the IAEA claims that the explosives went missing after 9/4/2003. This video claims that the explosives were missing when the US checked the Al-qaqaa facility on April 10 2003. According to an inspection timeline on, UN inspectors inspected the Al-qaqaa facility on March 15, 2003. Therefore, the explosives disappeared between March 15 to April 10, 2003. The New York Times reports (on page 3, 7th paragraph) that: (requires subscription)
I.A.E.A. experts say they assume that just before the invasion the Iraq's followed their standard practice of moving crucial explosives out of buildings, so they would not tempting targets. If so, the experts say, the Iraqi must have broken seals from the arms agency on the bunker doors and moved most of the HMX to nearby fields, where it would have been lightly camouflaged - and ripe for looting.
Sounds like the IAEA is admitting that Iraq removed the IAEA seals on the explosive storage bunkers at al-Qaqaa. So the IAEA expects us to believe that the explosives were probably moved from the bunkers to a nearby field, then looters stole 400 tons of the explosives from the field and all of this took place in 25 days? I think it is more likely that Saddam ordered the explosives to be moved before the Iraq invasion.

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