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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Blogger Bias: Big Media's New Target!

It seems Blogger's are in the big media's sights now. Here is another example of their utter contempt for blogs.
Via InstaPundit

Allen Wastler the Managing Editor of CNN/Money must have hired exit pollers to get the information on blog traffic he uses to back up his incorrect article. Below is a picture he posted on CNN/Money.

I guess Allen Wastler still does not understand the power of the blog. It is obvious from his post that he has a problem with bloggers. I hope he realizes that his post is going to spread like wildfire throughout the internet and bloggers are going to tear it apart and expose his false blog traffic numbers. In fact InstaPundit, Poli Blog, The Truth Laid Bear,, and Arguing With Signposts already have.

It seems the big media is a little pissed at blogs for fact checking their asses. Do they think that if they write a negative article about bloggers we are not going to check the article's facts? Nice try Mr. Wastler, but the Blogsphere is about to have a field day with you.

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