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Friday, November 05, 2004

Yet another Liberal that does not understand why they lost the election.

A large majority of the self proclaimed open-minded, nuanced elite still have no idea why they were presented a political pinkslip on November 2. The red states are not filled with homophobic, white supremacist, racist, Jesus freaks; we are Americans that have a different point-of-view. We will not placate our beliefs, our point-of-view is valid, and as long as liberals use shrill incendiary rhetoric and continuously discount conservatives as evil warmongering backwoods hicks, the left will keep racking up points in the loss category.

Americans in the red areas are the backbone of the United States. General George Patton once said, "Give [me] an army of West Point grads and I win a battle, give me a handful of Texas Aggies and I'll win a war." General Patton understood what the so-called liberal intelligentsia still does not; Americans in the red areas are a resourceful, passionate, and patriotic lot. We fight for freedom with a fire in our bellies and love and faith in our hearts. We are not a majority of religious fanatics; we understand that faith builds a better America. Faith is more than a religious ideal; it encompasses our ideology, our being. We have faith in our fellow citizens, faith in the motivations of our President, faith that America is on the right track, faith that Iraq is better off and will be better off when the Iraqi people enjoy the freedom that Americans and our Allies fought to protect.

It has been suggested that America should divide itself into two nations by many of the faithless extreme left. These same liberals claim they have a monopoly on tolerance. Seceding because you have no faith in your red state compatriots is not tolerance. If the left believes that dividing our nation is an example of their understanding of tolerance, then (to use a red state euphemism) they are "up a creek without a paddle."

Liberals like to use cute absolutisms when expressing what they believe everyone knows or should know. Liberals like to qualify their statements with rhetorical modifiers such as; studies show, the conventional wisdom tells us, as you know, and everyone knows. The reason why Democrats did not win the election is that they expect everyone to accept that their logic is the way things are done. Is it obvious to liberals now that not everyone knows what logic the left uses to back up their unconventional wisdom? Democrats would do well to consider the point-of-view of this intelligent Democrat.

Democrats, your problems will not be solved by giving up on America; they will be solved through deep self-reflection, honesty with yourselves about what mistakes your party has made, and by actually listening with respect and tolerance to other points of view. You don't have to agree with these points of view, but open your eyes and ears, you might find out Americans are not all that different, and you just might gain a better understanding and a renewed faith in your fellow Americans

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