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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Gloat Fest!!!!!!!!!


Glenn Beck is hosting GLOAT FEST on his mourning talk show today. It is a day to celebrate Democracy, a day to celebrate America, and a day to rub it in the Dems faces! Go ahead, you earned it! Tell everyone you meet that you picked a winner. Yell at the top of your lungs ELECTED NOT SELECTED, FOUR MORE YEARS, 286...286...286, and KERRY IS A LLLOOOSSSEEERRR!!!!! Remind every Kerry supporting loser that you meet that Bush sat in the classroom reading my pet goat for 7 minutes, but Kerry has spent 14 hours huddled up in the fetal position crying like a little baby in his house today and he can't decide whether he is going to be a man or stomp around throwing a fit screaming MINE MINE MINE!

The word for the day is LOSER!

Remember all the times that the Dems have said Republicans are stupid? Now who's STUPID? BARK BARK!!!!!! John Frankenstein Face Kerry is going back to Massachusetts with his long chin buried against his chest singing "I'm a LOSER baby, so why don't you kill me?" Today when you see a Kerry/Edwards sign in someone's yard feel free to point and laugh. Think of all the Dems in the world that slapped a Kerry/Edwards sticker on the bumper of their car AND NOW THEY HAVE TO LOOK AT IT EVERYTIME THEY WALK AROUND THEIR CAR. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! LOSERS!

Whenever you see a whinny ass Liberal LOSER today, ask them why they look upset. When they say, because Kerry lost, tell them you are sorry and then call them a LOSER!!! Go ahead and Gloat my conservative friends. Kerry is about to give his LOSER speech. We should record it and play it every time a Liberal starts spouting bullshit.

Write Michael Moore an email and let him know what a fat, lying, LOSER he is.

Look on the bright side my Liberal Enemies, Kerry will probably get another medal that he can pin to his chest. Start growing your Al Gore beard now Mr. Kerry, LOSER!

This is our day! Don't let LOSERS get you down. Oh and one more thing, Tom Daschle LOSER!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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