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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Why I am not a Libertarian!

On Sunday, November 14, I posted a picture I named, "And Liberals think Red-Staters Are Ignorant?" One of the comments on the post was from someone that calls them self Libertarian4Truth. Here is what he wrote:

Well people should be able to express their opinions and how they feel. that is their constituional right. You showed a picture with a woman smoking a joint. BIG DEAL. let people do what the hell they want to do. We would waste taxpayers money by prosecuting and incarcerating that woman for smoking marijuana.

My response was as follows:

God forbid we spend a little money to teach our kids that drugs and being a whore is not an acceptable lifestyle. People can do whatever they want, and moral societies can lock them up and throw away the key to let everyone know that all choices are not correct choices.

Then I found this story from and it reminded me of why I am not a Libertarian, "Infant Dies During Parents' Crack Binge." Libertarians believe that it is none of our business if people want to do drugs. I say horseshit. Though I do believe that people can do whatever they want, if they are caught, doing something they should not be doing (drugs) lock them up and throw away the key. The parents in this story should get the death penalty. I am ok with people doing whatever they want, as long as they can handle the consequences. Drugs are not a victimless crime; drugs destroy families, destroy society, and often lead to innocent deaths.

Libertarian4Truth drugs are a BIG DEAL! What do you think?

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