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Monday, March 06, 2006

Passionate America About Page

Who is Wild Bill and what is Passionate America

I’ve been asked by more than one person (two to be exact) to add an about page to Passionate America. So here goes, hope you enjoy.

Why Passionate America?

I was writing for a small college newspaper and was tired of the editor scraping some of my articles because they were “too controversial.” Translation, they were too conservative. Determined to let the world hear what I had to say--and how I wanted to say it--I started to publish my own newsletter, The Passionate Conservative. In 2 months I changed the name to Passionate America. 4 months and 40 subscribers later, I ran out of money, (printing a newsletter is expensive.) Not wanting to let my subscribers down I searched for a lower cost way to publish my newsletter. On May 28th 2004 while reading news stories on the internet I came across Blogger. In 5 minutes I had created my first blog and the rest is history.
Who is Wild Bill?

(I’m Wild Bill you got a problem with that?)

Besides being the author of Passionate America and Blogger Birthdays I am a married father of 2 boys. I live in Moore, Oklahoma---just south of Oklahoma City. I was a stay-at-home dad for 2 years, a professional car audio and home audio/video installer for 11 years, spent a short time in the Navy, and I am currently employed and working toward a career in Talk Radio--if you are in need of a loud mouth know it all host, board operator, or bathroom attendant at your radio station email me. Politically I am a hard core conservative, usually a Republican, with Libertarian like tendencies, but I am willing to admit that Republicans can do and say some really stupid crap sometimes (Democrats almost always do and say stupid crap.) I am an excellent cook, an award winning chili champion, and a Weber Grill Master (I made that last part up.) I’ve been told I should be a stand up comedian, but sometimes I’m just too moody to be funny. Other times I’m so funny I laugh at my own jokes. I have the attention span of a…what was I writing about? If asked to describe myself with one word it would be Passionate, hence the name of this website.
Ok but what is Passionate America about?

Passionate America is my attempt to entertain myself and the people that visit this blog. It’s a place where I can rant, laugh, cry, and show off my inability to spell. It’s a warm and cozy place, it reminds me of the dinner table when I was young, you can say anything you want as long as you eat everything on your plate and don’t talk with your mouth full. It’s a no bullshit zone. It sometimes smells a little funny. It’s a place where my mom can see what her little boy has been up to. It’s full of funny pictures (I’m a visual kind of guy.) long posts sometimes bore me so I like to keep it short and to the point. It’s a place where I can showcase my uncanny ability to write run on sentences that can change subject several times before returning to the original subject of the sentence which was to make a joke. It is a place where I can get to know my readers and meet some new friends. Above all it’s just plan old Okie fun.

You suck! I can't belive I've read this far. How do I start my own blog?

Sorry you feel that way. Not really but I’m trying to be a nicer guy. If you do not have a blog yet, I highly recommend Blogger. It’s easy, it works (most of the time), and best of all it’s free! Click here to start your own blog.

I hope I have answered some of your questions and helped you understand a little more about me and Passionate America. If you have any news, suggestions, ideas, comments and/or jokes feel free to email me at

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