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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Cynthia McKinney is going to be O-Tay

Ha Ha I get special treatment!
Special Privilege: If you are a black female Rep., now you can hit a cop and get away with it.

Buckwheat, (My mistake, Cynthia McKinney) used her bitch-slap a cop and get a free pass card. Where can I get one of those? McKinney deal may be in works

Federal prosecutors investigating the confrontation between Rep. Cynthia McKinney of Georgia and a Capitol police officer have been talking privately with McKinney's office in hopes of resolving the case without the spectacle of an indictment and trial, officials familiar with the talks say.
She probably cut a deal were she would send an autographed copy of the Little Rascals DVD Boxed Set to each of the Grand Jury members. You can make some serious cash for that on Ebay.

I'm still waiting for an email from Rep. McKinney about what she thinks of the song I wrote her. She is probably to busy kung-fu fighting cops to check out the song I wrote just for her.

The Cynthia McKinney Song, by Wild Bill

powered by ODEO

She really does look like Buckwheat!

Click to enlarge

Update: Ms. Underestimated is also covering the McKinney amnesty here.

Update #2: The Moonbats over at - Daou Report have linked to me and are sending troll babies to tell me how much of a racist and a bigot I am. You guys better stop or I'll tell my mommy you guys are being mean.


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