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Monday, June 12, 2006

Kender's report from Yearly POS KOS 2006

My new boss Kender from Wide Awakes Radio just happened to be in Vegas and decided to pop in on the Moonbats at the YearlyKos cave. Besides getting guano all over his shoes there wasn't much to report, except for the fact that they were a bunch of pu.... I'll let Kender tell you about it.

Update: RealTeen at Right on the Right has more.

Michelle Malkin has a picture of Moonbats in tinfoil hats.

Tom Alday of Aldaynet adds:
One of the speakers was Virginia Governor Mark Warner, a possible 2008 Presidential candidate. The Wash Times highlights a section of his speech that perfectly shows where the priorities of the moonbat “progressives” reside:

The line that earned him the most enthusiastic applause with hoots and hollers was his call for Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld to be fired.

But seconds later, Mr. Warner said that “we are all glad to see the end of” terrorist Abu Musab Zarqawi. That line was followed by silence.
I can't imagine why the Moonbats didn't clap their wings for the death of Zarqawi. Oh wait a minute I can.

Update #2: Pamela at the mighty Atlas Shrugs has much more about NY Times coverage on The Moonbat Convention.

Update #3: Drudge Report has the picture of the Moonbats in tinfoil hats.

Moonbats in tinfoil hats.

I'm sure this is not the media coverage that YearlyKOS wanted.

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