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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Wild Bill's Hate Mail

Here is a little gem I pulled from my hate mail bag today.

From: Mike Ellis

Man, are you ever a f[***]kin' moron. And then that pic of you on your site, the one at the top right-hand corner. Why would anyone purposely post a pic of themselves that makes them look like the nerd we all beat the sh[*]t out of in high school?

Let me were a virgin all through high school?

Wow Mike, and I'm the moron? If you are one of the many people that was made fun of, beat up, and called a nerd in high school here is your chance. Send Mike Ellis and email and let him know what you think of him.

The Napoleon Dynamite’s of the world stand up and fight back. Pedro offers you his protection.

Update: Mike responds to the email I sent him:
Oh, are you conservative? I thought you were a flaming liberal, seeing as you were attacking Reynolds.

My apologies. I bet you were the guy that got all of the chicks in high school.

Mike thanks for the apology, but I don't care what side of the isle you are on and it shouldn't matter what side of the isle I'm on. Your email was just wrong and I did not attack Reynolds, it's called humor. You do get humor?

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If you would like to be added to the list leave a comment or trackback on this post and I will get you added.

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