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Friday, June 09, 2006

Rick Moran of Right Wing Nut House Mentioned on Rush Limbaugh

Rick nails it with this one.

Wide Awakes Radio host Rick Moran has a post SPINNING THEIR WAY TO DEFEAT IN NOVEMBER that was mentioned today on The Rush Limbaugh Show. Below is a screen shot from

Screen Shot from

Here is an excerpt from Rick's article (also posted here at The American Thinker):
The first reaction that most Americans had to news that the Jordanian born terrorist Abu Musab al Zarqawi was killed in a precision bombing raid by the United States Air Force yesterday was one of elation mixed with a grim satisfaction that a huge obstacle to bringing peace and security to Iraq was permanently removed. It was one of those moments that has occurred so rarely in this war; a triumph of good over evil and a clear cut victory for the United States that all Americans should be thankful for.

Not so fast, say many on the left. Former Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich was one of the first to try and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory
Yesterday was a great day in the War on Terror. It didn't take long for the left to spin the death of the terrorist Zarqawi into what they consider a failure. Of course most of the libtards think we should get out of Iraq, if you travel a little further left on the Moonbat highway you'll find the tinfoil hat wearing crowd over at The Huffington post advancing theories more asinine than many 9/11 conspiracy. Such as:
Well, for one thing, Zarqawi was an invented menace. Before the great “Iraq experiment” in democracy delivered not by necessity but by bullets and bombs (as well as WMD pretexts), Zarqawi was about as popular as Carrot Top. No one knew who he was, kind of like no one knows who else besides Kobe Bryant is on the Los Angeles Lakers. As terrorists go, he was what sportswriters might call a scrub. But once he got in the way of the Bush administration’s crusade on the banks of the Tigris, he quickly became public enemy number one. Or as Iraq’s prime minister Nuri al-Maliki explained, a “godfather” of terrorism.
Zarqawi only cut of Nick Berg's head and was responsible for hundreds if not thousands of deaths in Iraq. I guess Lefties don't consider you a real terrorist unless your name is Bush.

You would think Nick Berg's father Michael Berg would be pleased that his son's murderer was dead. Nope. Here's what Michael Berg had said to The Associated Press,
"I think al-Zarqawi's death is a double tragedy...His death will incite a new wave of revenge. George Bush and al-Zarqawi are two men who believe in revenge."
Why would Michael Berg make such a completely retarded statement? Well for political gain of course. Michael Berg is running for Delaware's lone House seat on the Green Party ticket. In Michael Berg's alternate reality it is wrong to kill a terrorist, but it is perfectly alright to use the brutal execution of your son to get you into office. Michael Berg doesn't believe Zarqawi is a terrorist he says Bush is,
"more of a terrorist than Zarqawi."
"George Bush sits there glassy-eyed in his office with pieces of paper and condemns people to death. That to me is a real terrorist."
To me Michael Berg, the guy that cut your son's head off is a TERRORIST. Maybe that is why I am not a psychotic Liberal.

Keep spinning stupid Moonbats, every time you guys open your mouths you help put another conservative into office. Good job Rick for exposing the left for what they really are, sympathizers for TERRORISTS!

Update: America Hater John Murtha Not Sure Troops Deserve Credit for Zarqawi Kill. You are probably right Murtha, the credit should go to the bombs that we dropped on his evil head.

ReadState say, (speaking of John Murtha) He Still Doesn't Get It

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