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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

18 Year Old Woman Killed By Drunk Driver.

I just got this heart wrenching email from one of my fellow Wide Awakes Radio hosts Gribbit. This is very sad:

(via Gribbit)
I resisted for a very long time the "Myspace" addiction. As you know, I've been trying to get interested bands to sign on to allow us to use their music. To contact a few of these bands, I had to join Myspace. In for a dime in for a dollar so I made a page.

Leaping forward, I've made a lot of online friends that help take away the stress and "burn out" factor that diving this deep into politics causes. One of my friends this evening asked me to check out one of her friend's profile. I had linked to it before from my friend's profile and even asked to be this girl's friend as well.

Sunday evening Jessi (the girl) was out on her way to pick up some take out that she had ordered. She was hit by a drunk driver and put into a coma. She later died.

She was 18 years old. Beautiful, from what I can tell smart and very easy to talk to I'm told. My friend is destroyed by this loss. And because she is my friend, so am I. After all, I wanted to be Jessi's friend just because she was friends with my existing friend.

Here's what I'm driving at.

Drunk Driving is a scourge. It is killing our young and our old every day. We need to stress to everyone we know that if you are going to drink to not even think about driving. Who knows what Jessi could have become. Who knows what kind of impact she would have on our society. But we won't have that opportunity to know now.

Stress to your friends that if they want to party, find someone to drive who won't. Call a cab, call a friend even if it's you, or walk because there are millions of Jessi's out there. And they deserve to live and realize their potential.

End of rant.
I sent Gribbit this reply:
Very sad Gribbit, I used to drink and drive when I was in the Navy and a stupid public education taught liberal teenager. I am much older now (ouch) and hopefully much wiser. I have two great boys that remind me everyday of just how precious life is. I would never think of drinking and driving anymore. Thanks for your email.
Please think before you drink. Never drive drunk!

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