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Monday, July 24, 2006

Send A Message To The Terrorists.

I saw this news story today and thought these kids were really on to something. I seems Israeli children are using a disproportionate amount of irony to send a message to the terrorist sand monkey followers of the dead pedophile, Mohammed.

Some leftards and terrorist a$$ kissers are making a big poo about the Israeli kiddies having some fun. So I thought I would bring the fun to the blogosphere.

Introducing the, "Send A Message To A Terrorist Contest!" You can send a message to the dirty stinkin porkaphobes like this.

Send Rocket Mail To A Terrorist!

I will add each Rocket Mail message I receive to this post. So get those creative juices flowing and give those terrorist sons-a-beaotches a piece of your mind, (along with a piece of shrapnel. Simply save to picture below, fire up you favorite picture editor, and let em have it. Email your submissions to PassionateAmerica [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll post it.

Send Rocket Mail To A Terrorist!

Feel free use the picture above or send in your own creation.

Update: fmragtops has a message for the ragtops!

Muhammed was gay!

Update #2: the blue square has a message of DOOM for the dust people!


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