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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Yet another person suffering from AAM disease!

My mother actually was the one who introduced me to that term, AAM disease. It stands for "All About Me", which is what MANY, MANY people today suffer from. You see, they DO NOT CARE how anything they do affects anyone else, if they feel that barging into a room firing a weapon will help them, they do it, never thinking about anyone else. Some even are confused when they are arrested for their crimes. Today, in Dallas/Fort Worth, we saw yet another example of this.

It seems that a man who feels he is being "repressed" because of the color of his skin, decided to steal a car after getting into an argument in a Lowes parking lot in Carrolton. He proceeded to FLIP that car, and when a doctor stopped to try to help anyone who was injured, this person threatened the doctor with a firearm, and STOLE THE DOCTOR'S CAR. He then drove to a truck stop in Fairview, where he kidnapped a female truck driver, forcing her to drive him in her rig. The chase then began. From Fairview, they drove all the way south of Dallas to Oak Cliff, at which point they headed back toward downtown. From their they went back toward Oak Cliff, and got on I-20. Today being Sunday, thankfully the highway was not as packed as normal. The chase was very slow by this point, as the Dallas PD had already spiked the tires, leaving the rig running on rims only for the front two tires. By then end of all of this, this rig was finally stopped by Texas State Troopers who shot the tires out on the trailer section, and punctured the gas tank (which, since it was diesel fuel, did not ignite). At this point, a standoff ensued, until the police ordered the media to cut all feeds as they suspected this person was watching it on TV. After lobbing in tear gas, the hostage taker, his hostage and her dog were removed from the vehicle and, thankfully, no one was hurt.

Now, I am sure that the aclu(natics) or someone who "thinks" like them (although I do not believe the aclu actually THINKS) will claim "excessive force" or claim that this man had "no choice" because "society turned it's back on him". At one point, he was allowed to speak to the media, at which point he said that he did all of this as a "political statement". You see he feels that "black men are born with an X on their back" and that he has been unable to find a job due to his skin color. I would submit that he can't find a job because he isn't looking, because there are supposedly HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of jobs "Americans won't do", but if he needs a job, I am sure he would take what he could get. Well, he has a job now, making license plates in the state pen.

I weep for the future every time I see something like this. Young people today are brought up being shielded from EVERYTHING except what they should be shielded from. Schools will not let teachers use red ink becaue it might hurt a student's feelings. Every student who even shows up for a contest gets a ribbon. Practices like this are causing this problem, because children are being taught that they do not have to work for ANYTHING, but when they get to the real world, where they DO HAVE TO WORK for things, they are confused and crap like this happens. So, how do we fix this, start failing students who cannot pass their grade, stop giving awards for simply showing up, and bring back the red ink (I know I saw a lot of red ink in my days in school). On top of that, let teachers or principles paddle students. Do more than just detention or suspension, make students realize that when they mess up, it is NOT fun having to "do the time". If we don't get a handle on this quick, I fear we will not be able to!

Fox News story

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