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Monday, July 10, 2006

Passionate America Show podcast #1

The Passionate America Show with Wild Bill
PAS podcast #1

Kender is still working on get the listen live sever installed at Wide Awakes Radio. For now I decided to record The Passionate America Show as a podcast.

This is the first episode of The Passionate America Show. I invited my brother Big Mike to join me in what I like to refer to as the studio to co-host with me this week. We were a little nervous at first, not having any idea what we were doing and what we should talk about, so we just started talking and recorded our entire conversation. Once we started recording we quickly got into the groove of things and ended up with an hour and 30 minutes of our stupidity. I know it is a long podcast, but we had so much fun recording it that I had a hard time leaving any of the conversation on the cutting room floor. I hope you enjoy The Passionate America Show podcast episode #1. We sure did.

pas mp3 podcast download (Click to play or right click to download)

This is just the begining. We just keep getting better.

Update: 11pm-This mp3 is recorded at a low (16bit) rate. It will not play in the odeo or macromedia flash players. I am changing the bit rate now and I will try to upload the new file as soon as I can. It will be a larger file but you will be able to listen to the file with the media player on this website and at the Wide Awakes Radio website. My podcast has been changed to a 64 bit version. Sorry for the ploblems. I am learning as I go here.

Update #2: 1:12am July 11, 2006- I finally got the podcast to load and play right with the Odeo player. Below you can listen to the podcast and download the 64 bit version of my first podcast. The download is 40mb, but I think it is well worth it. I hope you enjoy.

powered by ODEO

pas mp3 podcast download (40mb download from Odeo)

Update #3: 4:36am July 12, 2006- Sneakeasy's has a post up about our podcasts on the Wide Awakes Radio website, Pod People Take Over Wide Awakes Radio!

Cross posted @ The Passionate America Show | Wide Awakes Radio

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