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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Wide Awakes Radio Press Release

Wide Awakes Radio

July 4, 2006


Contact: Lynn Fraher at 1-818-773-8636, or email Kender MacGowan at

U.S.A. – Starting July 4th, 2006, Wide Awakes Radio will launch the first-ever live, streaming, internet conservative talk show, broadcasting 24 hours a day. Listeners can access the stream anytime by logging on to, or from any of the participating on-air talents’ personal sites. Listeners will also be able to call in and debate the issues with any of the hosts at 1-888-407-1776. For a list of the on-air talents, please visit

W.A.R. is actively seeking sponsoring advertisers, and will be producing Public Service Announcements for various charitable organizations. If you would like to advertise on Wide Awakes Radio, please contact Lynn or Kender (contact information above). And if you would like to advertise, but don’t have an ad-ready image or a voice promo, please let them know. Any of the on-air talents are available to do voice-overs and produce the audio for your service or organization. All you have to do is let Lynn or Kender know, and those arrangements can be made.

Wide Awakes Radio is looking forward to celebrating Independence Day with YOU! Make plans to be there to celebrate with them. They are awaiting the challenge.


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