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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dog the Bounty Hunter in trouble!

Wild Bill on the radioI haven't really said anything on this, nor can I remember saying that I do watch Dog's show when I can, but when I heard he was arrested, my first thought was that it was a set up. All of this is stemming from a 2003 capture in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Andrew Luster, heir to the Max Factor fortune, had BRUTALLY RAPED AND TORTURED women, and was charged with EIGHTY SIX COUNTS of rape. During his trial, he fled and Duane "Dog" Chapman went on the hunt. Luster epitomizes what almost every father fears, someone who preys on unsuspecting women, uses drugs to make them unable to resist, then does UNSPEAKABLE things to them. Dog hasn't really said much about all of this, as he knows that saying too much can hurt his case, but he is also a somewhat private man. This isn't one of the hunts for his business, this is a fight for his very freedom, and naturally, the prospect of spending any amount of time behind bars, especially in Mexico, is a bit scary.

I have a few questions of my own on this as well. First, why did Mexico wait THREE YEARS to come after him? Dog commented on the special last night that he understood from the judge in Mexico that as long as he left and did not return, that all would be forgotten and he would not be pursued. Why now? It is NO SECRET that I believe the Mexican government (if you can call it that) is ACTIVELY trying to erode our border, and if they can somehow make it look like our citizens have "invaded" their country in any way, that might draw favor to their side.

Second, while I realize bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico, I would do what Dog did were I in his shoes three years ago. Also, the charge he faces, illegal deprivation of liberty (which the mere wording is a joke in that country), is only a misdemeanor, therefore that should not be something that he faces extradition for! Not to mention that Luster was on trial for EIGHTY SIX COUNTS of AGGREVATED RAPE/SEXUAL ASSAULT, and the Mexican officials did NOTHING despite knowing about his status. You cannot tell me that someone with the fame of Luster is able to "just blend in", especially when he did not change his lifestyle (clubs, surfing, etc...)!

Next, could it be that Dog, a private citizen (gasp) EMBARASSED the Mexican PD by actually enforcing the law and catching a wanted fugitive? Could it be that they fear someone might find out that (and this is just a rumor) Luster had paid them off? I feel this might be something the U.S. State Department could want to check in to.

At this point I am SICK AND TIRED of our country bending over backward so we don't "offend" anyone, yet our SUPPOSED allies are doing all they can to disarm and destroy us! When one of our own tracks down a MONSTER like Luster (on his own dime!), and brings him back to the U.S. to face justice for the EVILS he has brought upon others, and that person is persecuted for it, this world is very close to arriving at the gates of hell in the hand-cart we've ridden in for YEARS!

Dog, Beth, Tim, Leland - I will only say this, thank you for what you do, God Bless you all, and I am praying for you!
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