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Saturday, August 26, 2006

What If A Moonbat Advocates Another Terrorist Attack?

Oh wait, Russell Shaw already did.
What if another terror attack just before this fall's elections could save many thousand-times the lives lost?

I start from the premise that there is already a substantial portion of the electorate that tends to vote GOP because they feel that Bush has "kept us safe," and that the Republicans do a better job combating terrorism.

If an attack occurred just before the elections, I have to think that at least a few of the voters who persist in this "Bush has kept us safe" thinking would realize the fallacy they have been under.

[emphasis added by me]

Since Russell Shaw is playing the what-if game, I might as well play along.

If the Demmunist's take over the House and the Senate, the Left will be in the position to:
  1. Block the next Supreme Court appointment, one which would surely result in the overturning of Roe and cause the death of thousands if not millions of more babies.
  2. Be in a position to elevate the party's chances for a regime change in 2008. A regime change that would:
    • Force hundreds of thousands of Americans to pay for universal health care for people that should take responsibility for paying their own way in this life;
    • Bankrupt untold numbers of businesses by pushing for cleaner air standards that would greatly increase business expenses and push more businesses overseas, while doing nothing to improve the quality of our air;
    • More enthusiastically address the need for mass transit, the greater availability of which would lead to more mass transit deaths;
    • Enact unconstitutional gun control legislation that would increase crime and increase fatalities by thousands a year and destroy the second Amendment;
    • Fund stem cell research with taxpayer's money that is unnecessary because Alameda biotech says it created stem cell lines without harming embryos;
    • Raise the minimum wage, that will only increase the pay for entry level jobs and cause extreme inflation that will negate the minimum wage increase and expand the lower class which will spawn more violent crime;
    • Be more inclined to appease terrorists which will embolden America's enemies and cause the downfall of Western Civilization, absence of which causes the death of everyone that refuses to convert to Islam and wipes away women’s rights.
Why does it not surprise me that a Moonbat would actually entertain the idea that another terrorist attack would be a good thing for America? Oh yeah, I know because anything that will make the GOP look bad is a good thing to a Moonbat. Even if that means encouraging terrorists to attack America.

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