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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Fudge Report Moonbat's Can Not Spell

Fudge Report Moonbat's Can Not Spell
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I am a horrible speller. Whenever I argue with a moonbat I tell them I am a horrible speller in an attempt to keep the argument on track. Of course this never works, when moonbats run out of names to call you (Nazi, Hitler, homophobe, racist, bigot, redneck, hillbilly, Satan, warmonger, chicken hawk, etc...) the argument always turns into an English class with the moonbat pointing out your bad spelling and grammar. Since liberals cannot win a debate on facts, intelligence, and do not see a distinction between right and wrong, spelling is their last resort.

So when I came across the Fudge Report, a liberal rip-off of the Drudge Report I was [sarcasm]surprised[/sarcasm] to find a spelling mistake. Now I am far from a spelling teacher, even I know "manager" is not spelled "manger". Checkout the picture.

And before some moonbat decides to pronounce my hypocrisy by pointing out that I am using their spelling errors to win an argument, I'll flush that little moonbat turd right now. I am simply making the point that both the left and the right occasionally make spelling errors and that pointing out spelling errors does not win you an argument. Moonbats, try winning and argument on right and wrong not by changing the argument into a second grade spelling test. Moonbats, feel free to try and make a point about a real issue and I will school you on what is right and what is wrong.

Update: And a moonbat proves my point, when a liberal can't win a debate bitch about spelling!

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