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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Fair wages! Screw jobs!

Well, those people on the Chicago City Council sure showed Wal-Mart and Target! They've gone and passed an ordinance that (get this) REQUIRES mega retailers to pay wages of at least $10/hour plus $3/hour in fringe benefits by 2010. It would only apply to companies with more than $1 billion in annual sales and stores of at least 90,000 square feet.

The people at the right are cheering the so-called "Living Wage" proposal. Democrat Mayor Richard Daley has not decided whether or not to veto the proposal, but it only requires 34 votes to override his veto and this proposal passed 35-14, so it would be symbolic, but pointless.

What these people don't seem to understand is that this won't get them more money. It WILL get them less jobs though. Wal-Mart will simply move its stores outside the city limits to avoid the ordinance. That's a no-brainer. They've even SAID that's what they're going to do.
Wal-Mart spokesman John Bisio said earlier that if the measure passed, "We'd redirect our focus on our suburban strategy and see how we could better serve our city of Chicago residents from suburban Chicagoland."
Translation: We'll move to the suburbs and screw you, City Council! I mean, is it just me that can see this? If I were in charge at Wal-mart, that's what I'd do, but you know me...I'm just an evil conservative who is only interested in the free market system. Supply and demand, and all that stuff. Oh well, cheer on brave citizens! And enjoy your long commute to the suburbs for your Wal-Mart job (at $7/hour). Yep, same pay, longer commute (hence higher costs for you). Isn't government wonderful?

Link: Chicago City Council OK's 'Living Wage'

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