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Thursday, July 27, 2006

How the Moonbats Have Taken Over

***Updates at the bottom***

I just discovered three days ago and believed it was an interesting site to spread the word about interesting stories. I was wrong. Moonbats have control of and they will attack and destroy any right leaning stories submitted to their site.

I submitted this story, “An F-15 Flying On Only One Wing” and it quickly rose to the #3 spot on the main page. I received over 3,800 visitors to my site because of that link on By 2:37pm the Moonbats had decided that I loved my country to much to be listed on their site. They began to attack me in the comment section here. I was accused of being a Nazi and they labeled my post as linkjacking.

First I see nothing wrong with linkjacking. I found the video I linked to on and decided that people that visited this blog would enjoy the interesting video. No one had submitted it to so I decided to share it with the readers at Reddit. Judging by the amount of traffic I received in such a short time people did in fact find the video interesting.

Then the Moonbats took offense at two off my statements from the post, “This is one reason why America is the best country in the world, we build kick-a$$ jets.” And, “Makes me proud to be an American.” I did not realize that loving one’s country made one a Nazi. Here are a few of the comments I received:

Makes me proud to be an American.[my words qouted Moonbat Bogtha]

WTF? Less of the jingoism please. You weren't responsible for the aircraft design, you weren't responsible for landing the plane, you have absolutely no involvement whatsoever. You have nothing to be proud of.


This is my 3 day on reddit [my words qouted by Moonbat hen]Br />
Great! It's not to late for you to leave!

Seriously, for someone who was born in Europe (and has lived in the US) Americans like you just seem brainwashed. All you here all your life is that you live in the "greatest country on earth" or even "God's own country" etc. Get a perspective, man! You have as many problems as all the other countries of the Western world. And most of the American superlatives are caused by America's mere size. And the story of how you got your hand on so much land is not really a story which should make you proud.

Don't get me wrong. I do like America and I have the fondest memories of my time there. But you must understand that it can get kinda insulting to hear you Americans constantly call your country the f*cking greatest. Man, go read something about other countries once in a while. Or better: go visit us!

And one more:

Ok, so to conclude:

I can't stand that you love something, as I have an inherit need to hate everything even remotely positive, so therefore I dislike it. Dislike is the same as hatred, so I'm a hating terrorist who hates you personally, your entire country and everyone in it, all your values and everything you stand for, especially freedom and the tools of freedom (fighter jets). My hobbies include flag burning and slicing up American soldiers with a kebab knife. You are welcome to assume that I'm also gay, have nine boyfriends (recruits), all of whom I intend to marry in the house of God and then promptly divorce in close succession. Hopefully we'll get to adopt too. Sadly I probably won't get to abort any babies personally (except for the happily married pregnant mothers I kick in the stomach daily), so I'll eat embryos for breakfast instead.

You on the other hand, as a calm, collected, loving and righteous person, respectfully disagree with my views, and feel obliged to exercise your God given right to free speech and voice those opinions, opinions which of course a majority of Americans would agree on. It is the responsibility of any American to speak out against true evil in the world!
Thanks, this has been a really eye-opening experience for me.

So you get the idea. There are about 48 more comments here if you care to read them.

Moonbat non-logic instructs them to attack anyone that actually loves America. Needless to say, they voted against my post until it disappeared from the Reddit main page and replaced my post with a post of their own, “An F-15 Flying On Only One Wing (non-linkjacked).”

Since I am very aware that liberalism is a mental disorder, it did not surprise me that liberals attacked me this way. I decided to write an email to let them know what had taken place. I do not expect them to respond, but who knows. For now I would not recommend to anyone. is a leftist Moonbat cave.

Update: I spent four hours debating on this post over at There are over 158 comments on this post at Reddit and about half of them are mine. Read bill debates all the liberals that Reddit can muster.

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