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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Glenn Beck interveiws Senator Joe Lieberman

Alright, I was wrong, we are not all dead. August 22nd was yesterday and today we are all still breathing.

But while I sat in my bunker, hunkered down, shivering in the cold, wrapped in my blanket, unshaven, wearing my tin foil hat, there came a moment of clarity.

I filled in for Jake Jacobsen on his radio show Monday, I spent the first hour talking about illegal aliens, hour 2 was all about the end of the world, hour 3 rolled around and Jake came on and we did the last hour of the show together. Jake asked me a lot of questions. And he flipped a switch in me. The switched turned on, but the light bulb was burned out. Well I’ve changed the light bulb now and it is burning brightly.

I was listening to Glenn Beck and he had Senator Joe Lieberman on his program. (audio of the interveiw) He asked Senator Lieberman,
“Joe I’ve been saying this and I’ve tried to do my homework as much as I could and I’ve spent the last couple of days talking to some people I like to call deep throats, some people who really now what’s going on and I am so afraid that we are going to see Hezbollah or Lebanon fail into the hands totally of Hezbollah that your going to see, with the shelling on the northern border of Iraq with Iran, that your going to start to see Iran start to come into Iraq, the entire middle east is going to be on fire and we are going to find ourselves like Ray Nagin found himself with buses in a parking lot. We are just, why is it there aren’t more politicians saying guys this is World War 3 we are in deep trouble?” And listen to how Joe Lieberman responds to that question. Joe says, “I don’t know the answer to that and I’m afraid that so many people in both parties go at politics as if it were a sport where your on one team the Democratic team or the Republican team and the aim is for that team to win and when you do that you forget that there are larger interests which is the interest of the United States of America. The other thing going on here is that people don’t like to face the reality of danger and maybe some politicians don’t want to be the ones to talk about it, but everything you’ve just said is right. And maybe between the days from now until the 5th anniversary of 9/11. I happen to be spinning the dial last night and went to CourTV and they were replaying a documentary on 9/11. It’s heart breaking, but its infuriating what they did to us, and they will do it again, they tried to do it again last week until the plot was broken up. Everything you just said about the Middle East is right. You’ve got to look at what is happening in Lebanon as another battle field in what is a global war, Islamic extremists have attacked us and they are in it for the long haul. You have got to look at the question on how we end our involvement in Iraq in the same way. If we walk away, then the Iranians---as sure as I’m talking to you---surge into Iraq, certainly take over the south and all the oil that is there. Glenn says, “We will have $200 a barrel oil over night. And Lieberman says, “We will have $200 a barrel oil, we will be paying $6 to $7 bucks a gallon and that will just be the tip of it. They’ll be instability and war throughout the Middle East. We have got to wake up to this, it is the test, unfortunately, not just of this generation of American leader, but the next generation as well.”

Did you hear that? A Democrat, well a former Democrat, because they kicked him out of the party because he understands that the president is right for fighting this war. Joe Lieberman understands what America is up against and he understands that Republican and Democrat means nothing when the most important thing right now is we are in World War 3 and fighting for our lives against a real enemy. Not each other, against Islamofacists.

Glenn Beck goes on the ask Senator Joe Lieberman,
“I’ve been saying this since before we went into Iraq, that we are trying to plant democracy in the Middle East, we are trying to change the face of the Middle East. Weapons of Mass Destruction was a nice side benefit, we were trying to pop the head of the snake in Iran, that’s what we were trying to do and I don’t think anybody had the courage to or could actually come out and say that with World politics the way they are. Senator Lieberman responds, “Well your right, I think if I fault the administration for anything before the war it is that, because I think we did the right thing in going into overthrow Saddam, it’s that they oversold the WMD part of the argument. I go back to 1998, John McCain help me put in the Iraq Liberation Act. It said that our goal now had to not be to contain Saddam, but to get rid of him and why? A dictator a mass murder, I hope the public follows what’s going on in the trial of Saddam, this is a guy, he had Weapons of Mass Destruction and he had gas and of all the leaders in the World today, he used them, to kill thousands and thousands of people. So we did the right thing and now we have to finish it in an honorable way, we just can’t accept a loss there because it will haunt us and our kids and our grandkids.”

That is what this is about, America, the American dream, Your family, your kids.

On a side note towards the end of the end of the interview Lieberman explains what he thinks about Ned Lamont, his supporters, the KOS kids, and what he thinks of the crazy Moonbats that have hijacked the Democratic Party:
Joe says, “I think its nutty and I’ve accused Ned Lamont of representing the old politics of partisanship and polarization, but this group of his supports [The Daily KOS Moonbats] represents and older politics that sounds more like the Soviet Union were they would love to purge people from the official list of party members cause they weren’t thought to be 100%, I mean I think that is going to fade away, but it’s a sign of the times.

We don’t have a vision anymore. We need a vision for America. A vision of where America is going. America has to become blind, we have forgotten what America is all about.

America is about stuff now. It used to be an ideal, it used to be a means to an end. You didn’t have the American dream yet, but you were an American and America encouraged you to, brought out the best in you.

We need a leader. We have a leader in George W. Bush, we just don’t have a great communicator. When Bush does speak you can tell he knows the problems America faces, he knows what has to happen to fix America, he has a vision, and he just does not know how to make his vision clear to the American people.

It’s not that August 22nd was going to happen, it’s that it could happen. We could lose the American dream any day.

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