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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Is it finally time to change our thought lines?

Flash forward a few thousand years, and Israel has been taken out of Israel, gone back, then kicked out again. They WERE THE FIRST there, but then were taken into captivity and ultimately scattered all over the globe. Well, until the day after WWII when the Jews returned to Israel, NO ONE CARED about "claiming" the Holy Land, and the "nation of palestine" DID NOT OFFICIALLY EXIST! Palestine was created by other muslim countries to CREATE "refugees", and while Israel has told these "refugees" that they are free to come into Israel, live, work and have a good life, the countries these "refugees" came from, WILL NOT TAKE THEM BACK. Why, because after they "became refugees" and left the country they came from, those in power TOOK THEIR PROPERTY, and now they have nothing to go back to.

Well, at this point, I am officially going on record as saying there is ONE WAY and ONLY ONE WAY to win this war, KILL EVERY SINGLE PERSON who is responsible, involved, or even supports those who are responsible directly or just involved. When you have a force who FORCES civilians to crowd around them, in order to inflate the body count, the only option is to publicize that fact, then KILL THOSE WHO ARE DOING THAT! But, here is the best part of my idea, it is possible to kill them without killing the civilians. You see, all Israel needs to do is deploy snipers and just shoot the terrorists IN THE HEAD from a distance, but of course if you can't do that, just bomb them.

Well, all of that said, what do you think about all of this? But, remember, you can't use the "racist", "nazi", "war-mongerer", "hate-mongering", or "blood thirsty" argument, as they have been used, and if thinking that the only way to win a war where my enemy WANTS to die is to grant that wish, then I am all of the above.

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